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ITS MY LIFE - Mindscreen 17th batch

ITS MY LIFE - Mindscreen 17th batch


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Mindscreen Film Institute was founded by Rajiv Menon, an acclaimed Indian cinematographer and filmmaker in the Indian Advertising and Movies industry. The Film Institute draws upon decades of experience and success of Rajiv Menon and his film productions and equipment rental company, Mindscreen.

Mindscreen Film Equipment Company has been in the business for over two decades and provided the film industry with state-of-the-art Arriflex 435 Advanced equipped with Hawk anamorphic and Ziess ultraprime lenses supported by a full complement of lights and grip equipments. Panther Dolly, Jimmy jib cranes, an array of Tungsten and flicker free HMI lights and Kino banks powered by a fleet of silent generator trucks are additional facilities available to the clients.

Run by a team of senior professionals, Mind screen Film Institute takes pride in having been the training ground for some of the best talent in the film industry today. Award winning cinematographers and directors like Ravi K. Chandran, Rajasekhar, Ratnavelu and Gautam Menon have worked with and trained under Rajiv Menon during their formative years.

Mindscreen Film Institute, a Film school for Cinematography started in July, 2006 aims to train students both on the theoretical and operational aspects of filmmaking with specialization in

Cinematography making use of the latest state-of-the-art of all camera equipments and facilities available on campus.

Mindscreen Film Institute is one of the best cinema schools for cinematography. The certificate course on Cinematography offered by Mindscreen Institute is highly reputed for its comprehensive program that is very hands-on, practical with the hottest latest in digital and cinematography techniques.


• Mindscreen Film Institute will offer high quality professional study programs in the theory & practice of film-making.

• Mindscreen Film Institute study programs in specialized areas are intended to produce very proficient technicians who are creative artists as well.

• Mindscreen Film Institute curriculum and its alumni should make a professional impact and significant contribution to the industry


We believe that a good film-maker, irrespective of his/her role must appreciate all aspects of the process. From the choices a cinematographer confronts, understanding the director & his script, how sound and music transform a scene to assembling of images in the editing room. And the best way to learn them is to have a real ‘touch-feel-do’ experience.

Mindscreen Film Institute is all about hands-on learning. Our learning environment is designed to move one beyond their current level, expand the vision, enhance technical skills and unleash the potential to IMAGINE, THINK & CREATE a new way.


Subjects covered:

Photography Optics Film & Lab Lighting & Exposure Study Of Still & Movie Cameras Electronic Cinematography Elements of Film Direction, Screenplay and Editing Production Design Film Production & Teamwork

Other activities during the course: 40 nos. of selected feature films will be screened and discussed. About 40 nos. of practical sessions which involve lighting practice and operation of video and movie cameras will be conducted.

Projects works involve Story telling using still visuals, Story telling using video visuals and guided short film production using 35mm Motion Picture Camera and movie film Field visits include visits to film shooting spots, motion picture laboratory and digital intermediate .

Course Requirements:

To apply for the course, the concerned candidate should possess an undergraduate degree either in the science or the arts. However, +2 students with three years experience in Photography / Film Industry may also apply.



The MINDSCREEN Screenwriting and Filmmaking Course is a vocational program of study designed to groom students for the position of Assistant Director. The course features an entirely practical approach equipping students with a keen understanding of storytelling and enough hands on experience in character development and actor direction to become a valuable asset to the Director's team. Students will learn how to generate ideas within a dramatic framework and how best to apply them from initial concept through to story structure, scriptwriting, dialogue and their successful reproduction on screen.

Subjects covered:

FILM MAKING Aesthetics & Authorship

  • Indian vs. Western Aesthetics
  • Philosophy & Film
  • History of Cinema
  • Psychoanalysis


  • Films as Business
  • Producers & Distributors
  • Making a Business Plan


  • Acting & Directing Actors
  • Scene Preparation
  • Scouting Locations


  • From Screenplay to Shooting Script
  • Camera & Sound Essentials
  • Continuity
  • Project Management


  • Key principles of Editing
  • From First Assembly to Fine Cut
  • Working with Music


  • Mechanics of story telling
  • Why do we tell stories?
  • Character & Story
  • Story Structure
  • Story Types, Mythology & the Epic Form

Screenplay beginnings

  • Writing to Genre
  • Character Development
  • Setting & Morality
  • Theme; Concept Unity
  • Story Types, Mythology & the Epic Form

Screenplay development

  • Story Outline
  • Character Arc
  • Plot & Subplots
  • Step Outline
  • Story Types, Mythology & the Epic Form


  • Cinematic Description
  • Dialogue
  • Scene Analysis
  • Redrafting Processes
  • Formatting with Final Draft & Movie Magic

Course Requirements

  • The Prospective student should have already had their writing published be it at any level a school literary prize, student newspaper or commercial publication
  • They should demonstrate a prior knowledge of international as well as local cinema
  • Candidates should posses a high level of communication skills irrespective of language, an enthusiasm to convey ideas and an ability to absorb and to respond to information quickly


Following the huge success of its Screenwriting and Cinematography courses, the Mind Screen Institute is now launching its first Acting Foundation Course.

This two month course is suited to students with a strong interest and some experience in the performing arts as well as returning students or professional practitioners who would like to refresh their learning and knowledge in a pressure-free environment.

The aim of the acting foundation course is to help performers to become confident and comfortable in the skills needed by an actor today in order to secure quality and regular acting work.

During the course students will begin to understand the nature and language of actor training and the effect will be to gain confidence, and lose any nervousness about acting and being an actor.

Along with modern training, we will also introduce the student in the traditional skills of classical language, with particular reference to the voice.

Course Content

The programme will begin with four weeks of intensive training, during which students will attend daily technical classes in voice, movement, speech, acting and improvisation, as well as singing, dance and the martial arts.

Students can expect to gain an in-depth understanding of how to prepare the voice, body and mind for the demanding life of an actor.

Topics covered will include breathe and rhythm, diction, resonance, stage presence, core stability and awareness of the body in space.

A large part of the course will focus on the interpretation and delivery of both contemporary and classical texts and there will also be daily improvisation classes where students will be encouraged to liberate the body and mind to allow room for imagination.

Classical Texts

In the second week, students will have to chance to work with Shakespeare texts and will be encouraged to get up and speak his words naturally and simply in order to bring the writing to life. They will work on scenes, monologues and sonnets as well as movement and stage fighting.

Contemporary Texts

Students will be encouraged to bring their own experience to the classes in order to explore the world in which we live, as well as to imagine the lives of others

During the afternoons, students will attend classes in dance, martial arts and singing and will learn a variety of styles in each of these disciplines


A full week of the course will be dedicated to classes in Acting for Film and Television. Students will not only have the opportunity to work with professional cameras and crew; they will also have the benefit of attending a workshop with Mind Screen Institute’s founder, Film Director and Cinematographer, Mr. Rajiv Menon.

Part 2

The second month of the programme will involve the casting and rehearsing of a piece of dramatic text and will culminate in a stage production, in which students will perform to invited members of film and theatre industry.

All students will take part in the production, rehearsing throughout the four weeks for a performance on the final day. They will learn the skills needed to create a character and a strong performance, in the same rehearsal process as they will experience in the professional world.

The Staff

The training is vocational and practical and will be taught by a team of extremely distinguished and respected theatre and film professionals, all of whom, as well as being experts in their fields, enjoy successful careers as actors and directors.

Course Benefits

The Mind Screen Institute feels that it is able to offer a unique course, which will be second to none. Staffed by a team of broad-minded practitioners, all of whom benefit from a wide experience of both Western and Indian acting styles, this course will attempt to integrate the modern with the classical and bring together the cultures of both Indian and Western traditions.

Students will benefit hugely for the many resources that the Mind Screen Institute has to offer, including an operational film production company, which houses a private screening room.

Successful candidates will be offered a complementary Film Appreciation Option, where they will be given the opportunity to attend a variety of screenings made available at the Institute after school hours.

MIND SCREEN film institute

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